Nanochitin is a nontoxic, biodegradable, and biocompatible biopolymer that has
wide applications in the biomedical industry, including in tissue scaffolds, drug
delivery systems, and wound dressings.


Polychito™ Nanochitin Hydrogel

A high-purity, high-transparency, and high-viscosity nanochitin that disperses in water

Application R&D

In-vitro scaffolds and binders for improved texture of alternative meat

use - Cultured meat, Plant-based meat

An environmentally friendly thickening agent

use - Rheology modifier, Cosmetics, Food binder

Functional and biodegradable packing materials

use - Package, Composites

Nanocellulose-based, medical-grade biomaterials

use - Level 2-4 medical item, pharmaceutical