About us


Advanced Natural Polymer​ creating a sustainable future with exceptional and safe new materials

Based on pioneering technology, ANPOLY was founded
by POSTECH researchers with the aim to develop innovative biopolymer materials.

We are committed to developing nano-bio source materials and creating technologies
that can replace petrochemical-based plastics and various synthetic polymers.

ANPOLY tech platform

How ANPOLY change the world with new material?
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  • Application Technology
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Source Down

  • addictive

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ANPOLY materials are used as an additive in composite resin,
which not only reduces the amount of resin used but also
strengthens and improves the physical properties of materials.


Value Up

  • 100% replacement

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We are developing innovative products and shifting the industry paradigm
by leveraging the incredible biocompatibility and physiochemical
functions of food and medical-grade materials.