R&D basic policy


Discarded waste to
innovative material development


Partnership and ecosystem
for bespoke material application


Reliable technical data
and product quality

  • Application

    In-vitro scaffolds and binders for improved texture of alternative meat

    use - Cultured meat, Plant-based meat
  • Application

    An environmentally friendly thickening agent

    use - Rheology modifier, Cosmetics, Food binder
  • Application

    Functional and biodegradable packing materials

    use - Package, Composites
  • Application

    Nanocellulose-based, medical-grade biomaterials

    use - Level 2-4 medical item, pharmaceutical
  • Materials

    A high-purity, biocompatible nanocellulose with excellent biological safety

    use - Food, Cosmetics, Medical Biomaterial
  • Materials

    Low-cost, high-quality nanocellulose from organic rice husk waste

    use - Package, Composites