ANPOLY Inc. Reveals Advanced Bio New Materials that Can Replace Plastics and Synthetic Polymers
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ANPOLY Inc., was founded in 2017 at POSTECH Laboratory and develops advanced bio-new materials that can replace plastic and synthetic polymers. The company develops new nano-bio materials such as nanocellulose and nanochitin from organic waste resources such as rice chaffs and crab shells. The company also develops products to apply them to various industries such as medical, cosmetics, packaging materials, and environment.

ANPOLY officials stated, "Our main targets are companies that want to improve the quality of polymer-based products and global companies that seek sustainable environmental management," and also added, "The materials we developed have excellent safety, physical and chemical properties and physiological properties." Not only cosmetics companies but also medical devices and pharmaceutical companies are business targets can actively use the products for medical-biological materials such as cosmetics, hemostatic drugs, window sheaths, and shields.

ANPOLY has two types: Polycellu™ for strong and light bio-plastic, and Medicellu™ of safe medical material that can be inserted into the human body. It is a functional bio-additive product that can be biodegradable as well as transparent optical properties. Medicellu™ has excellent biological safety and can be biodegradable in the human body. Natural polymeric-derived biomaterials can be used for second-class medical devices such as window cladding and hemostatic dressing, shield that requires high biocompatibility and biocompatibility, and grade 3 and 4 medical devices such as implantable biomaterials.

ANPOLY officials said, "We are going to release biodegradable pellets for packaging materials in the second half of this year." Thickness is 40 μm, and it is and thin and transparent. The elastic modulus and the tension strength are about 2 times stronger than LDPE (low-density polyethylene). We will be releasing air caps, zipper bags, and other applications from the pellet. It will then expand sustainable waste resource utilization model worldwide. Officials also said, "We are planning to expand sustainable waste resource utilization model globally. In addition, we want to meet and collaborate with various customers to create bio products with excellent performance and safety," and added, "We will develop technology applying materials that are tailored to our customers and also make green chemical process technology platforms that are safe for use."

Source : AVING news

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